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The Sustainable Protein and Environment initiative (SPE)

The Sustainable Protein and Environment Initiative (SPE) seeks to commercialize Paenibacillus 79-R4 (Pb 79-R4), a denitrifying bacteria whose mechanism will decrease greenhouse gases produced by livestock, increase meat and dairy in these animals, and make them healthier and less prone to nitrate poisoning and pathogens. This initiative is run under the company, Bezoar Laboratories is a social enterprise with the desire to bring new probiotics strains to the market.

Research shows that this is the only probiotic strain that currently exists with such denitrifying capabilities, and that the market currently lacks a suitable solution to livestock pollution, antibiotic-use, and nitrate poisoning, making this the opportune time to launch and incorporate Pb 79-R4 in animal feed. As a social enterprise, Bezoar Solutions ™ also seeks to donate 15% of proceeds to subsidize the cost of the Pb 79-R4 formulation to small-scale farmers and ranchers domestically and abroad. This is paired with a strong investment in raising awareness about our cause-- the dangers of greenhouses produced by animal-rearing paired with the need for a high-quality protein source to avoid the dangers of anemia and protein-energy malnutrition. We aim to become independent of outside funding through sales of the Pb 79-R4 formulations, but need seed funds to begin this path to self-sufficiency.

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