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Bezoar Laboratories was founded in 2017 as an R&D company, with a desire to improve the world through microbial solutions. Bezoar Laboratories is researching technologies in the beef and dairy industries, with the goal of healthier animals and more sustainable meat and dairy.

Meet The Founder


Our first product is Paenibacillus fortis, a patent-pending cattle probiotic that, when paired with nitrate, decreases methane emissions from cattle by 50%, increases animal product (beef and dairy), decreases pathogens by 300%, and prevents nitrate poisoning in cattle, all while saving the producer money. 

Elizabeth Latham

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Elizabeth has a PhD from Texas A&M University in animal science, specializing in microbiology. It was during her doctoral research that she invented P. fortis. Elizabeth's role in Bezoar Laboratories extends far beyond continuing scientific research, as she takes an active role in managing the company.

Increased feed efficiency benefits everyone. Reducing water, land, and feed usage saves not only money, but valuable natural resources.

Growth Enhancement

Fortis is a cost-effective product that can easily be incorporated into existing feeding regimes.

Easy to Add to

Existing Feed

Fewer pathogens means healthier animals, saving costs and providing consumers with safer meat and dairy.

Decrease in


Methane is a major part of global greenhouse gas emissions. P. fortis has the potential to reduce methane emissions produced by ruminants by over 50%.

Sustainability & GHG Reductions

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